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Apk NameGoogle Setting Apk
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Understanding Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Factory Reset Protection is a security feature introduced by Google to prevent unauthorized access to a device after it has been reset to its factory settings. It’s designed to protect your data and privacy in case your device is lost or stolen. While this feature is useful, it can become a nuisance when you forget your Google account credentials and are locked out of your own device.

What is Google Setting Apk?

Google Setting Apk is a powerful tool that can help you bypass FRP on your Android device. It essentially allows you to access the device settings even if you can’t get past the Google account verification screen. This can be a lifesaver if you’ve forgotten your login details or purchased a second-hand phone with FRP lock enabled.

How Does Google Setting Apk Work?

Google Setting Apk works by providing a backdoor to the device settings. It allows you to access the device’s settings menu, where you can disable FRP and regain control of your device. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Google Setting Apk to bypass FRP:

  1. Download Google Setting Apk: You can find the Google Setting Apk file online. Make sure to download it from a trusted source.
  2. Install the Apk: After downloading, install the Apk on your Android device.
  3. Open Google Settings: Once installed, open the app, and you will be taken to the device settings menu.
  4. Disable FRP: In the settings menu, navigate to the Accounts section and disable FRP.
  5. Restart Your Device: After disabling FRP, restart your device, and you should be able to access it without any Google account verification.

Is It Safe to Use Google Setting Apk?

While Google Setting Apk can be a handy tool, it’s essential to exercise caution when using it. Bypassing FRP may violate Google’s terms of service, and there is a risk involved in downloading Apk files from unverified sources. It’s crucial to research and ensure that you are using a legitimate and safe version of Google Setting Apk.

How to install Google Setting Apk.

You can also download Google Setting Apk from the play store. But from the link given on our side, you can download how to install it below.
  1. First Download Google Setting Apk.
  2. APK File and save it in Phone Memory or SD Card.
  3. Installing APK/Game.
  4. Don’t forget to Allow Unknown App Permission.
  5. After the installation process is complete, your apk has been successfully installed.
  6. Now you can enjoy this app


Any application or piece of software asks for many permissions on your device. Because of this, he uses the application as per his convenience. If you use any game or app, then it is definitely correcting some permissions on your device. We have given here the names of some permissions that are most commonly used.

  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage
  • Camera
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Control Vibration

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