Ross and Rachel Season 2

From there, the two had a long love story, and a huge number of ups and downs. From their famous ‘break’ to the accidental pregnancy, living together, living apart, dating (and marrying) other people, and the final moment that they decide to give it one last try, these two have a relationship like no other – so it can be hard to keep it all straight! Here’s where they were in each season of the show.

For almost all of the first season, this love story is entirely one-sided. Rachel still sees Ross primarily as Monica’s brother, and is busy starting her new life, getting over Barry, figuring out how those ‘job’ things work, and having a rebound fling with Paolo. Ross, meanwhile, spends the entire season pining after Rachel, and slowly becoming closer with her. In the end, Ross heads out to China on a dig, and Rachel finally realizes how he feels about her thanks to an expensive gift – and that she reciprocates. The finale throws a wrench in it all, though, as it reveals that Ross has started a relationship on his work trip, with Julie.

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