राजा पोरस कौन थे | Poras Kaun The Hindi | Porus History

पोरस भारत के एक महान राजा था |  जिन्होंने कई युद्ध लड़ा और जीता था|

poras kaun the hindi
poras kaun the hindi

We are talking about King Porus. Who were they, where were the kings and why Alexander and his battles are often mentioned in the stories, these are questions whose answers are interesting.

The battle of Porus and Sikandar is very famous in history. The tales of Porus and Sikandar’s war and their friendship are also well narrated. Historians point to diplomacy behind who Porus was and what led to his friendship with Alexander.


poras kaun tha, पोरस कौन था इन हिंदी


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